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Pole Dancing Classes Made for Everybody

Monday's & Wednesday's 7-8

Lloyd Athletic Club now offers 2 beginner friendly pole dance/fitness courses each week. Enjoy fun and energizing classes that primarily focus on developing your strength and learning how to pole dance safely. 

Work on your form, get introduced to new techniques and gain strength with the expert guidance of our instructor Kat. 

Each class consists of learning and improving upon various transitions, spins, and climbs. Master your technique through the repetition and consistency of building strength through movement and dance. Ultimately, leading you to dance and effortlessly float through choreography and combinations.

PLEASE NOTE: Pole Dance Studio & Group Training Classes are not included in the Free One Day Pass. For Pole Dance punch card or memberships, visit

We offer

Drop ins are $35, and a punchcard of 10 visits is $250

Memberships range from $79 – $99 a month. Visit to learn more about our Membership plans.

Pole Dancing as a form of self expression & a way to feel empowered

Pole Dancing as a form of self expression & a way to feel empowered

Stress Relief and Emotional Well-being: Pole dancing offers a unique outlet for stress relief and emotional expression. Through dynamic movements and graceful transitions, practitioners can release pent-up tension and cultivate a sense of inner peace and balance. Boosting Confidence and Self-esteem: Pole dancing empowers individuals to embrace their bodies and celebrate their unique strengths and […]

Try something new! Cross Training with Pole Dancing

Try something new! Cross Training with Pole Dancing

In the world of fitness, there exists a myriad of exercise routines designed to sculpt the body. Among these, pole dancing stands out as a powerful form of cross-training that not only challenges the physical limits but also ignites a sense of empowerment and confidence. Central to its allure is the ingenious use of body […]

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