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If you have never had a one-on-one personal training session, then you might not know what questions to ask, let alone what to expect. We've gathered the most frequent questions below. If you don't find the answer to your Personal Training question, feel free to simply reach out via our short form below.

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How much does Personal Training Cost?

This is usually everyone’s first question and we fully understand why. We pride ourselves on being able to find options for all budgets. We want to help everyday people achieve measurable results How much a Personal Trainer costs varies with the number of Personal Training sessions you choose and also the length of the best timeframe for you to accomplish reasonable goals such as: weight loss, tone and firm, learning how to workout on your own, muscle gain, mental and physical health, or just wanting to feel better about yourself. Our Personal Trainers never get paid commissions and also do not sell supplements. They’re only goal is to help you succeed and you need to be able to trust their recommendations. Take advantage of our Free Personal Training Session and we will go over all your pricing options in person. Small Group Personal Training can be as little as $15 per visit and 30 minute Personal Training Sessions are only $39. Our One on One Personal Training prices are consistently less expensive than Boutique Studios and also Big Box Corporate Gyms and National Chain meat markets. We have monthly payment options and discounts for Personal Training Packages that start as low as only $69.

Why is working with a Personal Trainer better than doing it on my own with fitness classes, fitness apps, online Personal Trainers, or videos?

Most people’s ultimate goal is to learn how to manage their own health and fitness lives themselves and working with a Personal Trainer is hands down still the best way to do that. A 100% individualized plan allows you to see the most measurable results while still fitting fitness in with their jobs, life, and family. Cookie cutter plans not designed specifically for you just do not work as well and are not going to take your individual circumstances into account. They are also not going to text you and ask you if you did your cardio today or if you skipped the buttered popcorn when you went to the movie like we discussed:) Personal Trainers are always completely on your side and only want you to succeed. We never make our clients feel bad when they slip up, but we also have the courage to keep you focused on being a healthy person regardless of the chaos and business of life. Here’s what you might expect:

In the beginning of your program, the quality and appropriate intensity of your workouts (along with the accountability you have to your Personal Trainer with workout appointments and healthier eating goals) are huge factors in helping you achieve results in your desired timeframe. As we learn what works best for you (and what doesn’t) based on your goals, personality, lifestyle, fitness level, and your individual challenges to success then we can streamline a program for you that fits into your life long term. We can focus on what’s manageable for you long term and cut out anything that isn’t effective for you.

There are so many options out there and programs that promise you unrealistic results. The main thing that Personal Trainers do for you is help you figure out what works for you, hang in there with you while you are getting fitness situated in your life and then teach you how to manage it yourself long term.

Will working with a Personal Trainer help me lose weight?

Undoubtably – yes. But we don’t do it alone, and your participation is also a key component in how quickly you will reach your weight-loss goals. Our Personal Trainers understand the science behind metabolism, exercise and nutrition. You will be able to lean on their expertise to keep you focused and motivated.  

What if I have an injury?

Our Personal Trainers will work with you on any physical limitation or injury you may have. During your one-on-one sessions, your trainer will have an opportunity to see you in motion and tailor your workout(s) so that you are gaining strength without exacerbating any injury you may be struggling with. 

Talk to your trainer about any injury or concern. They can do a better job the more you discuss how your body feels and works. Everyone is different.

First Session is always free

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