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WERQ Dance Fitness with Kat

WERQ Dance Fitness with Kat

Your Instructor, Kat Hunter

WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on pop and hip hop music. Created by Haley Stone, WERQ launched in Chicago in 2011. Now, in over 40 states with 1,300 WERQ Instructors, WERQ continues to grow and expand to new areas. WERQ is focused on empowering people through dance fitness by creating a carefree, judgment-free atmosphere.

Each week there are familiar dance routines to popular pop and the hottest hip hop music. But we always bring something new!

  • Two new routines are released every week, and instructors have creative control over their playlists.
  • With over 600 routines from which to choose, WERQ stays fresh and engaging.
  • During the class, you’ll be lead on a wild rollercoaster of non-stop cardio dance routines.
  • The choreography is receptive to achieve cardio benefits, yet the patterns offer a challenge to brain and body. None of this matters though….because the WERQout is so much fun!

Your Instructor, Kat has been teaching dance fitness for about 4 years now, and Werq for about 2 years

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