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Phase Guidelines & FAQ

Lloyd Athletic Club is dedicated to keeping our members, staff, and all those in the community safe while social distancing during the COVID-19 crisis.

We believe that exercising is imperative for people to stay healthy, but as we adapt to new guidelines and move forward to operate in this new environment we also want to make sure we communicate our efforts and answer as many of your questions as possible. If you do not find an answer to a question below, feel free to reach out on Facebook.


Updated Wednesday August 11th, 2021

Starting Friday August 13th, 2021 Governor Brown is reinstating the statewide Mask Mandate. It sucks but we understand and want to do our part to keep people safe. We have been going beyond the recommendations from Multnomah County Health Dept. and the CDC and we have had ZERO reported cases of Covid-19 in or around our gym! A special “thank-you” goes out to all our members and staff that have helped keep us safe.

  • The gym continues to be open 5:30am-9p (M-F) and 6am-8p (weekends) with no occupancy limits. We ask that members check in when they arrive and wear a mask. We will lift this restriction as soon as we are allowed.
  • Members and staff will be required to wear face coverings, wipe down all equipment before and after use, but no social distancing guidelines are in place
  • Showers, Steam-Rooms, and Saunas are all open. Hang tight on the hot-tubs. Members will be required to check in and verify they are not symptomatic. We ask all members and staff to wash their hands immediately upon entry and then again just before they leave. We have a thermal temperature scan available upon request.
  • We have a limited Group Exercise Class schedule (stay tuned on the calendar page for updated scheduling of classes).
  • Personal Training is rocking and probably one of the best ways to stay safe and get measurable results. Trainers will wipe down all equipment for clients before and after use and make sure all safety protocols are enforced. Members and Trainers can use individual courts and/or group fitness rooms upon request by the client.


We appreciate the patience and care our members and staff have shown during this difficult time – we’re ready to begin seeing everyone again and look forward to things returning to normal.


What precautions are you going to take to keep members safe during this current phase?

Masks are required – staff, vendors & members

Members will be asked to wash hands immediately upon entry and just before exiting

Sanitizing stations will be offered throughout the gym. Members can grab their own spray bottle and towel and take it around with them as they workout

Covid-19 Symptoms list printed and displayed around gym. Staff and Members are encouraged to stay home if they are symptomatic

Members & staff temperatures can be taken upon request


Are you going to allow guests to the club?

Yes! First time visitors and local residents can get a Free day pass. We also offer many options for day fees, short term memberships, and punch-cards. See the front desk for all your options.

Will you have extra staff to help clean and sanitize?

Yes, we are adding an additional employee during all open hours to help constantly clean and sanitize.

Are you open regular hours?

Close to regular hours but not quite. We are open 5:30a-9p Monday-Friday and 6am-8p on weekends.

What exercise classes are going to be available?

It’s always best to check our online class calendar here for updates on available classes. We will continue limited classes as long as the staff and members feel safe.

Will the Showers be available?

Yep, free towels too!

What else will be off limits at the gym?

The only things not open yet are the Hot Tubs

Are you going to be serving Beer?

Ha! Leave it to our members to wonder:) Yes, absolutely! We will not be encouraging people to hang out or mingle unless they can maintain social distancing.

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