2019 New Year Membership Special



Q: What exactly is a box league?
A: Box league places you in a virtual (not literal) box with 4-5 players of comparable skill level. During the 6 weeks, you are responsible for playing one standard best-of-five match of 11-point PAR games against each opponent in your box, and then recording the scores in Club Locker. Top scorers move up, bottom scorers move down in subsequent box season.

Q: How are matches scheduled?
A: For you, by you. You will have the contact info of everyone in your box. I suggest a group thread to get started, put out some availability, and get to it!

Q: What happens if I can’t play all my matches?
A: Try. Like, really hard. You have six weeks, which is less than one match a week. Also, please remember that if you can’t play, it affects other peoples’ chances of winning as well.

Q: How do I win fabulous prizes?
A: Win your box! Scoring is based on game wins in the match, i.e. you get more point for a 3-0 win than a 3-2 win. And if winning is not an option, try to get a game or two to boost your points. Highest point scorer in the box at the end wins.

Q: Are the beers really $1 off?
A: All season. Anything on tap, just name-drop that you’re in the league and enjoy!
Thanks, and we’ll see you in the boxes!

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